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Originally Posted by Psyduck1 View Post
I couldn't find anything in search, so here goes

I hear a lot about high value customers and 360s getting special treatment. Does anyone know if Delta also looks at bad customers and is less likely to bend rules for them?

I'm certainly a low value customer. PM butt in seat miles. Silver spend with a bit of pay with miles and qualify on the amex waiver.

I get a ton of upgrades, a lot of value out of the program and delta always seems to bend rules for me. If i was in charge at Delta i think i would fire me as a customer.

Any thoughts?
You seem to be under the miss-information that CC spending is not valuable to Delta (and only those who pay money are). In the $DAL conference call they clearly stated they care not miles spent or money.

Those of use who earn status via card spend and such are just as valuable (if not more so) to Delta. Enjoy your earned perks!
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