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Originally Posted by fishfly View Post
This is a newb question... but do you guys buy vgcs directly from the reps or pick a packaged one from the rotating shelves?
In many cases, the CSR's will reserve their "private stock." The cards off the kiosk can only be loaded with $25+, but the loose cards the CSR's have can be loaded with less. So if they have a promo like "Buy a $50 gift card for Nike, get a $10 Simon Gift Card" they have to use their loose cards.

At my go-to SM, I hand the CSR my pre-printed form and ask if they need cards. They usually say yes, and I open up the kiosk and take two packages of 10 cards each.

Occasionally they say the cards can't be swiped, only scanned, which requires removing the perforated part of the back of the card package, and I do that for them.

I've never found a single SM that wasn't totally hospitable. One in Las Vegas even called me once to tell me their system was down and that they'd call me when it was back up, to save me a wasted trip. Only friction I've ever had was when I briefly had a corporate account and they shut me down, but we all know they shouldn't have given it to me in the first place.
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