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Originally Posted by JapanFlyerT View Post
Returned yesterday. None of the flights had PE.

For Business:

KIX-CAN is 1500 RMB $218 ($70/hr) no meals
CAN-LAX is 8500 RMB $1240 ($88/hr) not sure if food was possible

The price for the first flight was not bad, but the seats arenít all that fancy and it is a short 3 hr flight. Also, I had two Econ seats to myself. Same situation on the return to KIX from CAN.

The flight to LA was 11hrs and I seriously considered it, but I got lucky and shared a 3 seat row with one other person in Econ. Plus 8500 RMB is not an insignificant amount of money in my book. Had it been the 5000 others have mentioned I would have gone for it.

On the return to CAN I was ready to pay, given it is a 14 hr flight, but both business and first were completely full.
Thanks for that data point. Were those prices on board or at check in? 8500RMB is not insignificant, but looking at the overall price you would have paid for the journey (your heavily discounted original + upgrade), thatís still s very cheap TPAC business seat... getting an empty seat is a real bonus...and makes it even more difficult to justify spending the money. The return flight...A380 or 777-300? I never ceased to be amazed at how many people travel in F and J..,,capacity on both aircraft is big. Again, thanks.
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