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Originally Posted by 747FC View Post
And they got reimbursed? I ask because I will be incurring change fees....
I only told them that so Amex manually post the reimbursement. They were for actual flights with gift cards used to partially offset them.
Below if my earlier post.

Originally Posted by ST_Hawaii
Gift card purchases are still not getting reimbursed.
Heres what worked for me:
10/4 $79.83 airfare paid $50 gift card and $29.83 to Amex biz plat
10/6 $29.83 airline fee reimbursement
10/8 $103 airfare paid with $50 gift card and $53 to Amex biz plat
10/12 still waiting for reimbursement
It looks like only charges under $50 are automatically reimbursed. Charges $50 and above have to manually done . I was able to have a rep manually apply the $53.

Additional charges I've made paid partially with GCs
2x $29.80 11/10 reimbursed 11/14
$44 on 11/18. reimbursed 11/21.
$57 on 11/18. No amount was reimbursed.
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