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Originally Posted by HKUSFLYER View Post
Thought I should ask this question again just to clarify:

I recently obtained a membership with a higher tier than my Marco Polo membership (Sapphire vs. Ruby). If I wish to bring a guest into the lounge with my oneworld status, do I need to change my mileage accumulation (boarding pass) or I just need to present my membership card with a higher tier and show that to the CX lounge personnel for access?


Maybe I should rephrase it since there wasn't a response before.

I am Silver Member of MP and while I can get lounge access with a CX ticket, can I accumulate the miles and points to another oneworld carrier?

Basically it is whether access and accumulation are attached together or are they considered separately?
AFAIK, the guesting is related to the Sapphire status and can be used, when both you AND your guest do fly OneWorld metal (the ticket issuer is not relevant).
How deep the staff does bow to you is based on the FF number on the BP. The guesting is not related to the FF number on the BP, but simply "rules".

In case you run into troubles, you can always ask the lounge guardians to replace the FF number on the BP to the one giving you guesting privileges and at the gate return to the FF for claiming points/miles. Be aware, to get a new BP with the correct FF number, as a proof for you, in case something goes wrong in the points/miles registration. Then you have a BP showing the real life. CX seems to be pretty good at this. MH has been reported that the change of FF on the BP does not trickle through to the correct systems and the points/miles go to the wrong savings' location. Take care to have a BP showing the factual situation (If they reissue the BP, they keep the old one).
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