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Originally Posted by levilevi View Post
Heading there just after new years.
1) any current contacts for manager/upgrade begging ahead of time ?
2) anyone know if teh club corner suites can have a connecting room? I'm booked into that and added a second room (we are bringing the inlaws along).. but would much rather have them connected/nearby... we were there a couple years ago, just us and 1 kid at the time, and we stayed in that corner suite in the club tower, just couldn't recall the layouts of the floors.. i *thought* I remembered the floors being kind of small, so not sure a standard room (inlaws booked into that w/ my points) could even be on same level.
3) transfers from CUN - i know i know, separate threads there, but I'm booked now with USA Transfers,but anyone use the service via the hotel (someone from Ziva just emailed me the offer). Seems about 2.3x the cost of USA transfers.... but nicer?
I think the corner club suites have a connecting room. We were in a king next to one, and I recall a connecting door.

There are about 6 rooms on each floor, except the top 3 - those have the corner Master suite, a double and a two bedroom suite. (The double connects to the master suite). The top floor is a penthouse.

We took USA transfers and were happy with them. They tell you that in the airport you have to go outside to the person with their hat and clipboard. Others as you go by will say they are with them. They are not. The USA transfers guy was exactly where they said he'd be.
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