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Well yes, but I suspect that many of the people flying in CX F aren't as experienced with wine as you, and would welcome some guidance. I'm with you that good champagne can pair with many things, but some people (once in a lifetime AS mile burners, noveau riche mainlanders, etc) need help.
While generally, I agree that some guidance is likely conducive for the uninitiated, an F cabin isn't the time or place, in my view. The basics, pairings in this case are primarily based on the western palate, are helpful in that one can't make his own choice to break the "rules," until he first knows the rules. I'd imagine, for most of us, this happens in private during an earlier time in our lives, not in a public place, such as an F cabin on a plane or restaurant.

Personally, I find unsolicited suggestions in fine dining or F cabin in this case to be a tad presumptuous. It reminds of a well-meaning server in a restaurant who suggested I have a Sauternes with my foie gras (the classic pairing), which I've had many times before; but, I prefer it with a sweeter champagne (sparkling wine), and felt neither the need nor inclination to explain this to her. When I read the menu quoted by Dr. H, it reminded me of this incident.

In F, an Airline should just stick to their craft and mind their own business, only offering suggestions if and when a passenger solicits it, in my view.
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