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Originally Posted by RedChili View Post
Also, Edelweiss is not a part of Star Alliance. Within Star Alliance, it's metal that counts, meaning that you will normally not earn any miles if a leg is booked under a Star airline but flown by a non-Star airline.
This is a tricky one though, as many Swiss fights are operated by Edelweiss but do earn miles. It depends on if it is codeshare based, or wet-lease.

Best way to check is to see if you can book the flight through Edelweiss directly. If yes, it is likely an Edelweiss flight with LX codeshare number. If not sold by Edelweiss themselves its a Swiss flight operated by Edelweis (wetleased).

Example: LCA is part of the Edelweiss network. While AMS is not (Even though Edelweis flies to AMS every day as a wetlease for Swiss)
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