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Originally Posted by DragonSoul View Post
So in the US, the "vegetarian" diet will include chicken, duck, fish, shellfish, animal by-products (such as gelatine, rennet) et al? That does explain why I've met Americans who call themselves vegetarian but they eat, say, chicken. But I would have thought CX would know that the typical vegetarian elsewhere in the world don't eat animal by-products for which the animal would have been killed.
I don't know a single person who doesn't include chicken, duck, etc. under the definition of "meat." Here's how the terms are laid out here:
  • Vegan: eats no animal products at all.
  • Vegetarian: eats no animal flesh or byproducts of such. Will usually still consume milk, eggs, etc.
  • Pescetarian: eats seafood but no birds, mammals, etc.
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