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I visit the MH F lounge about twice a month in transit from Singapore to India/ China. The F lounge does serve champagne - you can ask for a glass in the main lounge or with your meal in the dining room. I forget the brand, but itís perfectly ok and the staff are happy to top up your glass (you may have to ask though as, understandably, itís not a place where theyíre exactly encouraging you to drink alcohol).

I find the menus a bit limited/ uninspiring - usually the fish as a main dish is good and I like the trifle to finish. Soups can be good too. Breakfast - I like that they halve Alpen (but not the UHT milk) and the omelettes are usually ok. However I find the best coffee is from the baristas in the J lounges - usually grab one in the regional lounge if I can.

However, as a recent visitor to lounges in Mumbai (GVK), Singapore (Qantas J), Sydney/ Melbourne (Quantas F) and London (BA F and CCR), MH could still go a long way to improve their F dining.

Dont get get me wrong, I really like the F lounge for its peace and quiet, decent showers and the staff are friendly - I just donít rate itís food that highly.
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