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Originally Posted by embarcadero1 View Post
Why are some defending this? It doesn’t matter what the circumstance, once a passenger who needs additional help is entrusted to AA staff, that’s it. The end.

There is no way to blame anyone but AA staff for this AA blunder. Not the family, not the wages that the unscrupulous subcontractor pays, there is no excuse. Unless they don’t want to accept these customers. In that case, good luck making that case to the flying public.

AA needs to own this blunder and make good on its commitment to help passengers with special needs. Full stop. No blaming family or subcontractors or any other lame excuse.
Yep you're right. AA needs to will some sort of ESP onto its staff so they can become informed about problems they don't even know exist.

As much as you're saying .... need to full stop on what you call a defense of AA, you need to put a full stop on your bAAshing because you don't know squat about what really happened either.

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