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Originally Posted by GentleGiant View Post
Has anyone got around the one device situation?
Most other airlines seem to have it purely on the login - seems crazy not to have similar and to clearly restrict is based on MAC address.
In hotels I used to run my own network - no idea if this would work?
On AA, both Pacwisp and GoGo, you are limited to one device at a time.

​​​​​Yes, you can work around it with a wifi repeater. I have used a USB-powered one that is also a wired to wireless router for hotels or other situations with cables, so it just runs off the USB power in the aircraft (or a powerbank if you have to). Although there are ways to spot this sort of thing by analysing the traffic flows and I'm sure the operators will get upset if you share out your connection to many people to deny them per-user revenues so don't do that. I've only done this to connect, say, my laptop and phone at the same time for different purposes.
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