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Not Enough Information and Lessons Learned!

There is not sufficient information - particularly about the physical, communicative and emotional capabilities of the lady/mother - to assign blame to anyone for the resulting situation. So, making the best of the outcome by reaching some lessons learned: (1) consider the worst possible outcome (flight cancelation, change of gate etc.) to judge if an accompanying person is needed; (2) worst of the worst (uncaring, surly etc.) handicap support person is assigned to the passenger, in order to identify/discuss actions the passenger can initiate on their own (able to identify and communicate with a representative of the airline); (3) indicate on the reservation the degree of support requested (can walk but needs assistance between gates, must use a wheel chair to board) with the specific airport in mind, as is the case of PHX, MSP and some other poorly planned airports, wheelchairs are used to transport passengers to the head of a concourse where passengers are transferred to an electric cart. The AA reservation website is quite good with the request made with the reservation. Delta hides it until the the passenger checks in for a flight. As the personal observation of an handicapped passenger who travels extensively, airlines and their sub-contractors plan for the 'average' flow of passengers with the system degenerating quickly to chaos if a cart fails or an airplane mechanical issue requires a number of passengers to move to a different gate. A sad outcome of what might have been an enjoyable trip..
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