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Originally Posted by IADCAflyer View Post
Does AA place any of its codes on QR flights? The earn rate for EQMs isn't so hot and the EQD rate is laughable. Looking at a fare to DAC next year ($900 ex IAD) and I would earn about 500 miles for what will be a 19,000 mile trip.

Going for great indeed!
Unless you are booking in a class where some of journey is ineligible for mileage accrual, I am not sure how you arrive at the figure

IAD-DOH-DAC-DOH-IAD is 18,724 miles

EQD earning on the loweest eligible fares would be 5% of 18732 = 936.20
EQM earning on the loweest eligible fares would be 50% of 18732 = 9,362
Award miles on the loweest eligible fares would be 25% of 18732 = 4,681

For a $900 fare, the EQDs are higher than fare paid. Of te $883 fare that I can see QR is offering in Feb, $692 is fare/surcharge and the rest is taxes

If there was an AA fare at that price, the EQD earning would be 692 , with award mileage earning of 3,460 and EQMs of 9,362 ( with fare earning basis). If it accrued based on distamce, award miles would be same as QR at 25% , the EQDs would be the same as QR at 5% ; the EQMs would still be 9,362

It looks that for EQD and Award miles, the QR earning is better than an AA flight number would give

Looking on Expertflyer, the lowest fares do seem to be eligible for mileage accrual to AA

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