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Originally Posted by Passportwait View Post
Passport application took around 5 weeks for a new born. Experienced significant delays when I entered 0000 in the SSN field as his SSN hadn't arrived by the time I applied. Be aware that they either expect you to sign the form or provide a valid SSN.
Timeline -
10/26 - Applied at a passport acceptance agency
11/1 - Application became trackable in the system
11/7 - received an email notification to respond with the SSN or sign the form
11/12 - Response received
11/15 - processing restarted
11/30 - Passport printed - tracking no. provided
12/1 - 12/3 expected date of delivery.

Still happy to receive it before our intended date of travel - 12/15. Was thinking of going the agency route.
I see a lot of US passport applications submitted and processed with 0000 in the SSN field, and I've noticed no delays because of that. While there are now requests for a supplemental form/letter to be signed and submitted by applicant (or person applying on behalf of a US citizen unable to sign for themselves) to avow that the passport applicant has never received a SSN, that doesn't really delay things either if done at the time of application.

My suggestion is not to apply for a SSN during the time while applying for or awaiting for a US passport for an infant, unless there is an urgent need for the SSN to be had in that window.
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