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Originally Posted by jawnbc View Post
How, precisely, do you have access to this level of granular, ostensively private, data?
Originally Posted by oranjemakker View Post
There is a list that they often hang quite openly in the galley on the TT flights. When you are waiting for the toilets its pretty obvious. It says who is NZ Elite, Gold (and Silver I think) and also Star Gold. presumably there is also a category for EP1. Not sure if its the names or just seat numbers
Well, not just TT.

I saw the PIL for my recent NZ TPAC (I was also curious how my name and info appeared). I see them all the time on AC and other airlines where the sheet is taped to a wall etc in the front galley. This is more often used for the galley FAs to note if someone wants to eat their main meal later in the flight or if I ask cabin crew to not serve the full meal, that I only want the salad and dessert for e.g., they note it on the PIL.

In some cases, the in-flight cabin managers (different titles on each carrier) will have it on their iPads/tablets. It will be a similar grid and may show status color-coded.

On one AC TPAC to TPE, I saw program and *A etc status for AC, UA, NZ, OZ, and BR members. Fascinating really. lol

BTW, on AC, it is also used when taking meal orders as AC status (pecking order if you will) matters. Tiny benefit but not so much when on the typical wide-body YYZ-YVR, or even flights to HKG, everyone in J is 100K. And MMs rank even higher. (Of course this would all be solved nicely if AC could manage pre-order of meals like BR, CX, SQ etc)
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