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Originally Posted by musicgal View Post
What's the deal with meetings? Could I schedule a meeting for 2 people, pay for it, show up, sit in the meeting room for an hour, leave, and get 10 elite nights? I've read through this thread, and some of the thread on meetings, referenced above, and it seems like it's a possibility. I've never considered anything like that before.
Thank you again for your help.
Yes, you could. The problem is that some hotels take forever to post those 10 elite nights from a meeting. If this was September or early October, I'd say go for it. But since you haven't even booked a meeting yet, by the time you'd have the meeting it's likely to be at least a bit into December, and then I'd worry that maybe it'd post by Dec 31 or maybe not. Some hotels post within a week or less but others take many weeks to post the meeting. And it might be even worse around this holiday period.

A number of people have gotten credit without even showing up for the meeting. But not every hotel. So if you really want to go down this path for 2018, I suggest you go back to that thread, find out a hotel which gives elite nights for no-shows and posts elite nights really fast (after the no-show) since Aug 18! The problem is that things may have slowed down since Aug 18 (when the Marriott system changed over, and so datapoints from before Aug 18 might be misleading. OTOH, the other problem is that since no one who did 10 elite nights before Aug 18 can get another 10 after Aug 18, there are way fewer datapoints for people getting 10 elite nights after Aug 18. So I don't know for sure whether you can find any datapoints for hotels that have given 10 elite nights for a no-show after Aug 18 and have posted those 10 elite nights very quickly. But that's what you'd want to look for if you want the highest chance of this working before the end of the year.
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