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Originally Posted by Legend717 View Post
No. But yes?
Not until you REqualify for the NEXT calendar year.
You're earning those four certs for the calendar year; so if you make gold today, you'll be gold throughout 2019.
So if you did a bunch of flying in January and February, and re-qualified for Gold in February, you'd technically be getting four more right then.
Also, heads up, those certs can be very difficult to use (more so lately) and require that you buy into certain fare classes. Saver Basic Cheapo seats need not apply.

That said, I think gold is definitely worth your money, considering the four certs (tricky but possible to use) and the jump in bonus redeemable miles.
And for a mileage run, there are a few cheap flights in December that would take care of your needs. Someone posted Milwaukee as a great value today.
Got it, Thank you all for your prompt response!
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