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Originally Posted by musicgal View Post
HI. I am looking at reserving a 5-night award stay at a category 1 Marriott in order to get my total nights up to 50, for platinum status. I realize I have to check-in in person. Do I have to actually stay at the hotel? I'm fine with staying the first night, if necessary, but would prefer not to. It's about a 3 hour drive from where I live, but it's the cheapest way for me to get these last few nights.
Well, that could tricky with a 5-night stay. You have to make the hotel think that you're staying there for all 5 nights. If they decide, say based on housekeeping feedback, that you're no longer there after 2 or 3 nights, you may find the rest of your stay cancelled.

So I would say the safest thing would be to either visit the hotel twice (to check in and to check out), and leave a suitcase and some other stuff out in the room for the whole stay, or else find someone local to the hotel (whom you trust) to make the room look "used for 5 nights" on your behalf (but then you still have to go there once to check in and to hand off the keys to that other person).

For one night "fake" stays, it's sufficient to check in in person but to check out by phone. But that's doesn't work reliably for longer stays, because it's hard to keep housekeeping out of your room on longer stays, and it's hard to keep housekeeping from jumping to conclusions when they see no evidence you using the room night after night.

And you may want to evaluate, is it still the cheapest way if you have to factor in two drives to there? You've got lots of cat 2's near you, it looks like. Is 3 hours driving (one way or round trip?) 2 times worth the 25000 points in savings (of cat 1 vs cat 2 for 5 nights)?

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