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OCI counters in Delhi Airport

I was leaving Delhi recently and coming back to the US and there were couple of counters reserved for OCI Card holders, a lot of counters for Indian Citizens (They were super crowded though). I have a OCI card and while waiting in that line, an Indian passport holder behind me who was traveling to Middle East asked me if he could stand in that line. In my previous travels, I saw few Indian passport holders using that line without problem and I told him it should not be an issue and he can just stay. Soon, a couple of Indian passport holders ahead of me went to the counter and the immigration officer sent them away to the Indian counters. I then told this man about it and he said he is late for his flight and I told him he should take his chance then. I finished my immigration and while waiting in security, saw this man pleading with the officer and luckily for him, the officer relented and stamped his passport.

I wonder if OCI counters can process Indian Passports, they should process all of them or strictly separate them so people don't waste their time. What is it with this selective choosing of who they allow? (I do personally benefit from a shorter OCI lines but I cringe to see my fellow Indians standing in such long lines)
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