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Originally Posted by Croupier View Post
Compared to my last dinner in MEL QF F which was soggy calamari and a super thin overcooked tasteless piece of snapper this was miles in front.
Looking forward to my visit in a month. Haven't tried the prawn cocktail yet. Hopefully with champagne if they have it?

As frequent visitor of both SYD & MEL F lounge and routinely order the calamari aka Salt & Pepper squid here is my take.
- on average SYD does it better than MEL, but standards are falling. Too greasy and too little flour/breading. Sometimes served cold.
- I have eaten this more than once on the same day about 3/4 hours apart and the evening one SYD is usually much better. Probably down to a shift change in chef.
- Please! please! give your waiter feedback immediately. Or the chef will continue to cook it poorly the same way for others and for you next time.
- Please also tell them when it is good. Eg. Not greasy, not soggy, crispy.
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