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I did a search here and couldn't find it .
if you can give me a link that would be great .
i offered upgrades on 3 out of my 4 flights .
Tlv - Amm 80$ minimum ,that's what I offered's very short flight but it's more about the lounge and letting me skip the long lines in tlv .
Amm-Bkk I offered 450 (minimum was 415)
Bkk-Tlv I offered 450 (minimum was 405)

As I checked expert flyer for now I see 7 seats buissness available (25.11) Amm-Bkk
and 11 seats available (30.11) Bkk -AMM
is that of any importance on my chances?
just wondering ,if I understand good they will notify me up to 24 before the flight .
is it always that late to get answer ?
Sorry for long post
just hate the suspense 😀
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