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Originally Posted by steveholt View Post
Seconding that "Cathy" has been just about useless, unfortunately.
Years ago, my daughter worked in an American Express call center with over 600 phone agents. Whenever someone asked for their name, it was always "Cathy". They had 600 Cathy's working there. Just saying.

Anyway, just tell your existing Concierge that you'd like to be assigned to a new one. Just like all business decisions, you are under no obligation to explain your decision. That just might be the greatest joy of being the decision maker. Just say "I'd like to try a different Concierge please".

My Concierge is extremely helpful. No, strike that, she's AMAZING. Just the other day, I checked out in a hurry (to rush to the airport), and the bill was wrong (they charged me for 4 nights even though I had used a free night award). Rather than fool with it at the front desk, I dashed off an email to the concierge. Then I drove 30 minutes to the airport. She had corrected the bill within that 30 minutes.

I understand that each concierge has at least two email addresses. All Hyatt employees have [email protected] ... and the concierges also have a shared email address which is [email protected]. I always send to the SHARED email address. That way, if my concierge is not at work, other team members check the shared mailbox. I work in various places around the globe, and sometimes I email my concierge outside of working hours. Usually I get a reply back from my own concierge. But often,the reply comes back from another team member.

I understand that the twitter team and the concierge team are the exact same group of people.

In my experience, EVERY team member is capable. I've never had an issue with the service. But then again, I've never been helped by "Cathy", so maybe I've just been lucky. I'd like to add that I've never had them "break" or even "bend" any rules on my behalf. That's because I never ask for rules to be broken or bent. The service exists to help Globalists make bookings in accordance with Hyatt policy. If I need to have a rule broken or bent (very rarely ... like maybe a 5 pm checkout when I have an 8 pm flight), I'll contact the hotel directly ... because I know in advance that the Concierge will only handle things in accordance with policy.

I use the service a couple of times each month. The Concierge handles practically ALL of my bookings, changes, cancellations and requests ... because it's so much easier and faster to use the concierge than to do it yourself.
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