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We also seem to be forgetting that a family holiday to Florida, no matter what class it takes place in, is luxury regardless, and not some kind of a basic living requirement. If you are engaging in a luxury activity, then a reasonable contingency plan should be in place to cover unexpected expenses to a reasonable extent.

It is no different from allowing extra time to get to the destination in case of a traffic jam.
Allowing sufficient time to get to the airport is a reasonable precaution we all take.

Keeping spare credit on your cards in case BA delays you by days, forcing you to sleep on the airport floor, isn't reasonable. That is why it's the airline's responsibility to deliver the duty of care.

I must admit even by FT standards I find your arguments quite depressing and frankly out of touch with the world in which the majority of holidaymakers live.

This all reminds me of the last days of Flyglobespan which left a trail of devastation and then tried to weasel out of its responsibilities too.
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