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Another elevator etiquette rule, talking on the cell phone. When I'm in the states, generally people don't talk on the phone while in the elevator, or if they do, keep the conversation quiet or quickly end the call. In China, everyones ringtone is super loud and they have no voicemail, so every call gets answered. And of course if the elevator is crowded they just yell at the top of their lungs. Screaming in someones ear is not considered inappropriate, because after all they have a phone call. Every super load ringtone is answered by an equally loud "Wei". Sometimes if I'm super fed-up, while someone is shouting on the phone in the elevator (only if I'm alone with the shouter), I pull out my phone and pretend to answer a call and start yelling in English -- "What? I can't hear you? Someone is talking real loud!" Yeah, super passive aggressive, but the rudeness just kills me some times.
If I'm in super fed-up mode I just move over real close to them, put my mouth right up against their ear and shout into it, saying (in Chinese) "Are you sure you're talking loud enough?!". That gets 'em every time!

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