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LIS-LHR (Band 3?) 18:45 BST 12th October.

The flight was on the newest A320 Neo in the fleet (G-TTNE, the newest plane in the fleet of any type having been handed over just 15 days previously), although when I commented on this at boarding the crew commented that it was indeed new, but they were doing their best to make it work regardless — the implication being the Neos not being crew-friendly.

There was an initial drinks run, but no menus were handed out. The choice of main was prawn, spinach and rice; penne pasta; or mediterranean salad (i.e. one fish and two veggie).

For the meal service, the trolley came down with the trays. The cutlery and napkin were wrapped inside a glass, but by the time the tray reached my table the glass had disappeared, so I re-used the glass I’d had some Castelnau in from the drinks run for the red wine I had with the meal (as a minor nit, we were asked what we wanted to drink for the main before we'd been told what the choices of main were).

The mains were served later than the tray delivery, so there’s no photo with a full tray as I wanted to eat the bread roll whilst it was still warm!

I haven’t yet seen any pictures of the prawn main other than the somewhat idealised publicity photo at the start of the thread, apologies if I've missed one, so here’s a snap.

Apologies for the shadow, 1A had their seat down most of the journey.
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