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Originally Posted by Saint4805 View Post

2. That person who stands one foot in and one foot out preventing the door from closing just to finish a conversation they are having with someone standing outside the elevator meaning that everyone else inside has to wait.
3. That impatient person who starts to curse or gets visibly angry when the elevators stops at multiple floors (usually on the way down).

Any others to add? I think no. 2 is my favorite from a DYKWIA perspective.

Someone did 2 (and no doubt 3) whilst I was in the lift (ok, elevator if you must) on the ground floor of the 20 storey.Holiday Inn Kensington Forum in London only last week.

Listening to this chap (whilst he was delaying the elevator), he was going back upto his room to collect something 'important' he had forgotten before coming straight back down again to exit the hotel with the person he was chatting to!. His eventual parting words very loudly to his 'colleague' were that he would be back 'in a few seconds' after collecting whatever from his room on the 18th floor 'as the taxi was outside waiting'.

As this DYKWIA has delayed not only me, but the other two people in the elevator (who I knew), cue me to then press all the buttons in the lift so it would stop at every floor on the way up.Every time the elevator stopped he tutted loudly and I could tell he was getting more irate. He then ranted at me 'Did you have to do that?', to which I just smiled at him.

When I exited the lift on the 4th floor, I smiled again at him. After the lift departed I pressed all the elevator call buttons on my floor to make sure they stopped there on the way down as well.

Childish? - maybe. Did it make me feel better? - definitely.


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