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Was hit or miss for me on the same route in July. On the way to IST refills were usually on point, though I had to ask a few times, however the crew missed me on the amuse bouche (while serving it to my wife seated right next to me) and one other item I'm blanking on now. Return flight from IST, the crew was more solid.
Our flight from JFK to IST the cabin was totally full, and the crew was okay.

The return flight crew was on point for TK1, but that could be because the business class cabin was pretty empty.

Overall on both flights I found the food to be good, and the service was good. Although they did run out of champagne on TK1. I was also a bit disappointed with the arrival meal options considering the flight is 9.5hrs and we landed late in the afternoon.

This was my second long haul RT with them this year, and I would fly them again if the price was on point which is the reason I booked these tickets in the first place.

Overall, I don't find the crew to be very proactive based on the two RT this year. The cabin manager on TK1 was proactive, but he's only one person.

The lack of proactive services reminds me of the big Asian airlines, but there's not the anticipating what you want in the way Asian airlines tend to do.

As one of the other posters mentioned, they are more likely to take an empty glass rather than offer you more to drink. I think that's an easy spot they could drastically improve customer satisfaction, and a big deficit compared to competitors I've traveled. I don't know if it's cultural, policy, or just poor training.
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