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Band 2 Afternoon Tea

Cheese Ploughman's after a 'few bites'


First time taking Club Europe flight from Gatwick so not really got much to compare this with, but I picked the ploughman's (other option was a selection of sandwiches). Quality was definitely lower than what I have previously received travelling from LHR. It was described as a 'Cheese Ploughman's' although the only cheese I could taste was cheddar. Also felt like a small portion, after an hour delay in the lounge and then another hour at the gate/on board was very hungry (hence the picture). There wasn't a lot of flouvour in anything (except the mini cakes & scone).

service was quite slow (or at least it felt like it after waiting 45 mins on the tarmac due to a ATC backlog due to earlier fog. Seemed to be a training flight (confirmed by the CSM later in the flight) with 6 cabin crew on the plane. 4 were working in ET and 2 in CE. Food and drink were run at same time and seemed fairly disjointed starting in row 1, then seeming to miss half of row 2, then skipping us in row 5 to go to row 6 then coming back to us. Took about an hour to receive any service.

The scones went on an ever more crazy journey. Starting in row 1, then jumping around the cabin. The crew member returning to the valley to get drinks each time. We seemed to get our scones (and an offer of bread) about 30 mins after we had been offered food). My other half didn't have any clotted cream on his tray when it arrived (he didn't seem to be alone) so asked for some more to which he was told that there wasn't enough loaded but that they would see if anyone had not touched theirs. He was not impressed.

This is when things improved, one of the cabin crew from ET came to help at the front of the plane - she was a bundle of energy (the perfect BA crew member in my view and seemed to be quite new). She immediately found some cream (after we gave up expecting anything from previous crew member. She also quickly brought some more drinks. The atmosphere quickly changed with a lot of laughing and joking from other passengers (amazing how some crew members can make a huge difference).

In my view the food was not great (not sure if that is any change from LGW) and in pretty small quantities but wine seemed better quality. And when the new crew member arrived was a really good fun flight - almost made up for arriving 2 hours late!

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