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Originally Posted by Mikester View Post
I will be visiting Florence to visit my daughter in October/November and would like to see some sights and eat at some restaurants that are relatively unknown by tourists and in the guidebooks. So what are your favorite "secret"/off the radar places in Florence?

Have a couple of days each in Como, Modena/Bologna, and Venice, too, so feel free to make recommendations for them, too! And thanks in advance for your insights and advice!
I'd venture to say I doubt there's anything in the historic center of Florence unknown by tourists. I don't think there'd be enough locals living in the area to support it.

That said, if you push out just a little bit, there are some places that are less traveled by tourists because you wouldn't just stumble past them. Santarpia makes very good pizza, for instance, which is a rarity for Florence. It's just a little east of Mercato Sant'Ambrogio, which itself is more of a "real" day to day type market than San Lorenzo/Mercato Centrale (which is a total tourist magnet, but also has a wonderful set of food stalls upstairs and is still worth visiting). Trattoria Ruggero is south past Porta Roma, and is a great place to have a lot of the Florentine classics.

All that said, October and November aren't bad to visit even the busy places. The crowds die down quite a bit after September.
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