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9/28/18 LHR-JTR. Band 4 lunch.

To me, this meal represents a significant downgrade in the Band 4 catering. I do not consider the minuscule salad of lettuce, half a cherry tomato, and some shaved parmasean to be a starter, so in my opinion, the starter course has been eliminated. The chicken I will say was perfectly cooked and amazingly succulent, but with the mashed potatoes and pigs-in-a-blanket, it felt like a school dinner. The cheese was nice but the crackers seem much smaller than the old oat cakes and there was far too little fig chutney. Gone are the proper slices of cake, replaced with a small but tasty pot of chocolate mousse.

New crockery is very nice and the coffee was drinkable. Excellent service from the staff through the whole flight.
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