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Originally Posted by Joshm300 View Post

I'm inclined to take F due to the window, but as someone who is quite tall (6.4"), would 1D be better? Basically can I practically/comfortably stick my feet alongside the bulkhead or will they just be in the way of the crew and mean I'm contorted sideways?
If I was you I would get any Row 1 you can. Its impractical and probably a safety issue to have your legs in the aisle. The benefit of F is that you can lift the arm rest, sit slightly askew and use the fuselage a bit, although the legroom is reasonably good. Saying that, it doesn't allow you to stretch out your legs like in the exit rows. To me CE is not worth it if aside from row 1, and I would personally prefer to travel in the Exit rows as the leg room is excellent.
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