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Originally Posted by MarkP24 View Post
For a family of 4 LHR to FCO, any suggestions on the optimal Club Europe seating an A320? I'm thinking of paying for the seats as the flight as down the road, I don't want to get stuck in rows 3 or 6 with no air vent, and I want to maximize room. I was thinking 4DF and 5DF as the DF side is supposed to better than the AC side, correct?

Alternatively, so we're all in the same row- 2AC and 2 DF.

I agree with CWS I wouldn't be paying for comfort outside row 1 or the exits, but as a family of four I think it may be worth paying for the whole row together. That's something you're less likely to get if you wait until OLCI (although possible).

There is something nice about sitting as a row of 4 in CE where you can all see/smile/pull faces at each other across the aisle. Preferable to sitting 2 behind 2 in my opinion.
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