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LGW-ACE yesterday. Pretty full club cabin with 8 rows and only 2 empty seats. Crew were very good, one of the most proactive I've had in a while. It was slightly odd that the starter tray was served about an hour into the flight with the first drinks round. No nuts, just straight into the main event? I don't know whether this is because it's a lunchtime flight or whether it shouldn't have been done this way, but we did get nuts and another round of drinks about an hour before landing?

Anyway, there were no menus and the main meal choices were chicken casserole, chicken arribiata or chicken pasta salad, so god help you if you don't like chicken! The chicken casserole was really tasty, one of the best CE meals I've had. And the chocolate cherry pudding was lovely. Bread was good, cheese was good but although tasty, the size of the antipasti starter was poor. One black olive, one green olive, a stuffed pepper, one caper and a couple of lumps of feta cheese does not make a starter! Wine was served in quarter bottles, 2 choices of red and 2 choices of white. Champagne served from full size bottles. The crew were complaining about wine glasses only being loaded on the trays, so if you wanted some later in the flight it had to be served in tumblers - something which CC seemed quite upset about!

All in, we enjoyed the food but were glad we had eaten in the lounge!
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