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Originally Posted by MarkP24 View Post
For a family of 4 LHR to FCO, any suggestions on the optimal Club Europe seating an A320? I'm thinking of paying for the seats as the flight as down the road, I don't want to get stuck in rows 3 or 6 with no air vent, and I want to maximize room. I was thinking 4DF and 5DF as the DF side is supposed to better than the AC side, correct?
It's row 6 in some aircraft that have no air vent, I can see row 3 is in the wiki post marked as not having air vent but I don't think that's accurate (or it may be just one aircraft or something). Personally I wouldn't bother paying, it's not a long flight, and there is a fair chance of a switch to A319 or A321. If there are young children involved then you get seat selection before OLCI. DF and AC have identical room, the seats are bolted on to a lengthwise chassis so they are exactly the same distance apart. The only seats with more leg room are row 1 and the exit rows, which sometimes ends up in CE if ticket sales warrant it.
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