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MLA-LGW. Band 4 Lunch.

BA2645, operated by Titan, 1130 departure, 12 Sep 18. Contrary to remarks up-thread, the new catering has also [at least here] rolled out to LGW as well. The CC were a bit surprised too, when they got the new menu cards. The hyperbole in BA's "Welcome on Board" commentary provided a nice giggle

To my surprise, we got a packet of Almonds with the [prompt] first drinks run. I'm not familiar with Band 4 flights, but this seemed a new addition.

On to the prime Topic ...

  • The Antipasti Starter was nice and refreshing. I decided to save some of it to accompany the Cheese.
  • The Massaman Beef Curry was tender and very tasty. Rice was perfect. The solitary manage tout laid on top was an odd idea, and it would have nice if it had been 'stringed' first!
  • The Orchard fruit crop was also delicious. A sort of cold stewed apple on a crumb base, with some other dark fruit in there as well Very refreshing and flavoursome.
  • The Cheese was good, although the Somerset Brie could have been a bit riper [personal preference]. The two lonely grapes justified my retention of some of the Antipasti! The Netherend Farm butter was fine, as were the crispbread biscuits.

A couple of passes of the usual mix of warmed rolls was also included, although the tiny tray left nowhere for them to go other than perched on top of something else! I shall abandon all thoughts of a bread plate!

The Mouton Cadet made a satisfactory accompaniment, and the 2nd bottle was as good as the first.

The new Coffee mug was also in evidence, on the table of the lady across the aisle. I stuck to wine - it's safer!

And, although OT, we were fortunate to have 2 excellent Titan CC. Both young ladies worked like Trojans, sweeping through the 9-row CE cabin with efficiency and smiles, and more impressive considering they were on a back-to-back rotation. It all made for a most agreeable c. 3 hour flight.

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