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Band 1 Dinner

Last flight of the day for me, one of the late flights to Geneva. There is some big education conference on at the moment so hotels are even more difficult to reserve than usual. However the 19:45 hrs service BA973 LHR to GVA on G-EUOE isn't anything like full. It's a A319 with 16 in CE and about 50 in ET. Three EF crew so just the purser running the CE service. I guess the flight will be more useful for the morning service tomorrow back to London.

For some reason DHL turned up late with the catering - it was wheeled on at the end of passenger boarding. Plus the two Special Meals didn't get loaded at all.

The choice is the same as lunch, so this time I went for the goats cheese and beetroot salad, rather than the roast beef again. The crew haven't seen this meal before, and they are reading the wine labels so they can present the drinks properly.

Now for me this was the weakest offering of the day. Mainly because my carnivorous tendencies tend to kick in and I would have had the beef again in other circumstances. But still, it is better than the previous salad starter option and it was lifted by the bread and panna cotta. The greenery in the salad are mint leaves. A lump of cheese would have rounded off the evening nicely.

There was no problem completing the service. I got my tray over Dieppe and the last row was served over Paris. One of the ET crew came to help out towards the end, but that wasn't really essential. It did allow for more drink runs after the meal.

Enough flying for one day.

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