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Originally Posted by Keyser View Post
i agree....i am of the opinion that the op should get the elite nights credit as that is what marriott had promised & had been delivering on for years but the op's posts make it difficult to have any sympathy for him/her....
Keep in mind its all of you who started insulting and attacking me first, and not the other way around

I've been belittled since starting my thread, yet when I say anything back it is my fault?

Its hard to stay calm when people start telling you how much you don't deserve what you paid for and you're getting your account terminated, over non factual information such as why events without catering or AV are not considered meetings or people who stayed x amount of nights are better people than you and deserve faster answers or Bob spent more money than you you're a fake Plat, all the whilst telling you they'd be happy for Marriott to ban you and that it is right for Marriott not to give the nights and that Marriott can do whatever they want and change the terms and conditions and take anything from you they want. Oh, then you got the people harping on about how I took up a week of a hotels time despite the hotel MORE THAN HAPPY to do the meeting and booking for me and officially posting the meeting through the Group Posting Tool whilst using almost none of the hotels resources and booking through the official channels and paying the full amount over a supposed CRITICAL 'loophole' (ha - that is why I put the word loophole in quotes) that Marriott allowed to happen for 8 years.

When you've got 50 replies like that with no respect given whatsoever, I'm telling you, its hard to be respectful back. This whole discussion has been completely devoid of logic and people just slinging mud.

I do not expect a refund for the meetings, IF Marriott makes good on the 10 EQN. 10 EQN would cost even more to achieve at the moment than just refunding the meeting costs to be honest. IF Marriott refuses to make good on the EQN for all of us. YES I EXPECT an equivalent refund or compensation

Imagine you started a FlyerTalk thread and all you got was people making up lies and giving useless arguments and siding with Marriott, despite Marriott clearly being in the wrong with almost all of its members regarding this issue.

Just because you don't know me and its online doesn't mean you have the right to treat me like trash. I paid my hard earned money to Marriott, and would love to continue to do so if only they right their wrongs. I do not want to hear about how DYKWIA you are and how you spend $50,000 on your meetings and slept in beds for 700 nights and how much better you are than me, which is what I am getting in response.

How about we make things respectful from now on, and drop the patronising and completely irrelevant comments. This is not directed at you in particular - I'm honestly trying my hardest to make things respectful.

Imagine from my point of view though, the entire first page of my thread was people arguing that meetings without catering or AV are not real meetings and bashing me with snide comments. Would you maintain your cool in that situation?

Originally Posted by UA-NYC View Post
OP seems to think Hilton is the cat's pajamas - maybe that is a better program for them
This is UA-NYC's first post in my thread, in fact he posted this in two separate threads stalking me.

And calling me a rude, insulting poster - does anyone not see the irony?

​​​​​​​oh pshaw..

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