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So, just had an interesting conversation with BA. They called me regarding my EU claim on our inbound flight. We were flying BOS-LHR-BRU all on BA flights. The first flight was delayed causing us to miss our connection. They rebooked us on a Brussels Airlines flight which would have gotten us to Brussels about 2,5 hours late but that flight was delayed as well so we got to Brussels 3 hours and 5 minutes late. Without our luggage. So where normally I might be tempted to let it go (only 5 minutes over) that put an extra two hours on to our trip before we were able to be on our way so I am going for my compensation.

Anyhow, BA is now saying that since they booked us on a flight that was supposed to arrive within the 3 hours they are not liable even if that flight is delayed. Because we switched carriers in London nobody is in fact liable. To me that sounds fishy. I would say it remains BAs problem and it is their bad luck our alternative flight was delayed. Or am I wrong?
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