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no way to get yourself taken off the advance upgrade list (CPU) as a default as far as im aware. Calling in each reservation to request it is the only way Iím aware of.

When the agent referred to being able to do it at check in, thatís for the upgrade standby list - applicable if elites donít get upgraded in advance. Typically, if youíre eligible to go on that list and are on a PNR with more theman one person, youíll be asked at check in, as doing so will split the PNR, as only single person PNRs can be put on that list. As far as Iím aware, thereís no option for this if youíre traveling on your own, as your already on a single person PNR, and almost everyone wants that shot if itís available.

Youre provably in the minority - not wanting to get upgraded, so the system is rrally built for the majority.

Originally Posted by findark View Post
Do you know how often you might be upgraded otherwise? For most Premier levels and routes, the odds of an upgrade are relatively small. Even if you do get upgraded, it's going to be an extremely rare pax in your old Economy seat who won't want to swap with you.
IME, this is highly dependent on various factors including route, time of day, etc. Iíve also seen seats in Y get snapped up very quickly once they are released - these days, with oversold flights, BE only getting selection at the last minute, etc, people moving into vacant seats can happen very quickly.

If youíre a 1K traveling out of SFO at key peak business travel times, yeah, even for them CPUs are going to be tough. But traveling at non-peak times, or non-peak routes, or during the holidays, etc, there are certainly times when even silvers on low fares can score a CPU. I realize the tendency is to see how hard it is, since people are much more likely to complain when they donít get a CPU, and less likely to come back here to mention when they do. But it does happen, at all levels, but very dependent on situation.

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