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Originally Posted by lexdevil View Post
Before the changeover it was clear that I would be LTPP (I was 3xLTP already). It was also clear that I would be at least PP75 (I have over 75 nights). What was not clear was whether I would be PP100+Ambassador (I have over 100 nights, but it was unclear how spend would be calculated).

Since the change it looks like I am PP100+Ambassador. Based on how the information displays on the website and the app, I have a few theories about what is going on that may be helpful.


What I think may be going on:
  1. While there is a decent chance many of us with less than $20K spend have received PP100+Ambassador in error, I don't think this is the case. I think that Marriott may have doled out an unadvertised "Taste of Ambassador" to legacy PPs. The datum supporting this idea is that on the website, though it shows me as PP100+Ambassador, it clearly says I should enjoy this service through January 2019. If I had already reached $20K in spend, I would have earned PP100+Ambassador for ALL of 2019 (running through January, 2020).
  2. Another possible explanation of the above is that Marriott may have doled out some PP100+Ambassador status based on last year's spend, which would explain why it expires in January.
  3. An additional data point supporting either of the above theories is that on the app it says that I need to spend $7,255 to RENEW PP100+Ambassador. This means that though I have PP100+Ambassador now, I have not yet earned it for next year.
  4. I don't think that the $20K/100 nights displayed on the website is a tally of where I stand and that they stop counting when the goal is reached. I think it is a static image displaying the requirements for PP100+Ambassador.
  5. Another important thing we can learn from the display on the app is that it appears that Marriott is counting spend from up to three rooms, probably using base points earned for their calculations. I reached this conclusion based on the fact that my real spend is over $36K, but Marriott is only crediting me with just over $12K. I believe this is because they are only counting three of my rooms (I tend to book and pay for 6-15 rooms).
if you have 100+ nights this year with SPG only > ambassador till 01/2020
if you have 100+ nights this year with SPG + Marriot > plat premier till 01/2020
if you have 100+ nights this year with SPG + Marriot (+ 20K) > ambassador till 01/2020
if you have 100+ nights this year with Marriot only > plat premier till 01/2020
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