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Originally Posted by MSDinParis View Post
Yes! I cannot speak for the Topas aluminum, but their polycarbonate breaks at the slightest shock.
Against all the raving, I have been sorely disappointed.
In 2006, as the airlines begain reducing their weight allowance, I decided to look for the lightest luggage available and Rimowa Salsa polycarbonate was the recommended brand. I invested in 7 pieces at that time. None of them have been used more than once a year, some even less, as the number of allowed bags was reduced, as my son no longer accompanied me to visit the family ...
Since that time, in no moe than 10 trips for any one piece, 3 pieces have broken: one where a wheel came off and it was fixed, and another that cracked just last year. And now, the bottom of a Bolero piece has exploded when taking it gently out of a car. The wheel has come off, and the bottom is cracked all the way across.
I have written to Rimowa and their answer is simply that the suitcase is "12 years old we cannot offer you anything out of goodwill." Yes, it is old, but it has only been lightly used. This means, that the cost of a Rimowa case, for use once a year over 12 years, is extremely expensive, and definitely not worth the cost.
Since 2006, a number of other brands, e.g. Delsey, Samsonite, Lipault ... to mention only a few, have come out with lightweight luggage at half the price. I will definitely be turning to one of these as my Rimowa cases crack one by one.
Conversely I have two salsa deluxes that I have checked on 30+ flights, mostly international in asia/africa, in the last two years with zero issues so far. They are scratched to hell but I've covered them in stickers anyway.
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