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Booking codeshares in *A is a bad idea if you want to earn miles or at least know what you will earn.
Some airlines are worse than others. Within UA's JVs, there is usually fare class alignment. Outside of the JV, the best that you can do is to look up the booking class that would be required to route the same fare onto the other airline's native flight number and hope. However, keep in mind that most travelers rarely, if ever, encounter codeshare flights. (excluding United Express ).

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Therefore, DL's program is far better in this regard because marketing carrier is all that matters. My point in the earlier post remains the same.
DL's program is also better for people who want to achieve DL status whilst flying partner airlines, since they got rid of the "MQD on 006 tickets only" rule. In fact, with the right mix of discount business class or PE fares on partner airlines, you can achieve Diamond (15K MQD) for less than UA 1K (12K PQD), as you can sometimes earn far more MQD than you paid in terms of the fare.

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It's already started with "dynamic award pricing" on UA routes. Though there are no reports of 300K just yet.
To be fair, the fact that UA's Everyday Awards are currently capped, and the Saver Awards still exist, is a huge benefit of the UA program vs. DL. You won't (currently) see a 300K BUF-DSM ticket on UA. You could on DL, even if we can all agree that you probably won't.
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