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Just stumbled onto this as I was trying to look for ways to get some rewards for paying off my student loan ($~10K) .. if I am reading this right you can potentially buy MCGC on OBC and then use plastiq to pay using masterpass promo and incur no additional fees after GC purchase as long as each payment is under $250??
Careful w/ AMEX. I recently did just 2 separate purchases of discounted MCGCs @ Staples with a triple stack (10% AM3X offer, 5% usual SimplyCash Biz @ office stores, $10 RMN) and they fraud alerted the day after, so it's not like it was automated it didn't seem like... sounded more like a manual review. No ?s asked about purchases, but Staples does send Level 3 data, so if the merchant you buy these from sends that, beware the RAT team. Other than getting AA from your credit card issuer, (or maybe your receiving institution, but that's more rare) yes, it should work just fine. If making many payments, make them each slightly different dollar amount to make it easier in case one doesn't get credited.
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