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If you are on the fence about your next luggage purchase, don't buy it, and save the remorse.

With any other purchase that requires a premium up-front cost, such as RIMOWA, you have to weigh the pros and cons.

Each buyer is different and weighs each pro and con differently, according to their own purchase criteria.

If you are worried about dents, wear and tear on hard-side luggage, then do not make the purchase.

Find out what is important to you in terms of features, specifications and build quality. Come up with at least three (3) pieces of luggage that meet your criteria in the same product range, and do a mini-test stroll on the sale floor.

You should be able to make a purchase decision with firm commitment and no remorse.

If you are concerned about buyer's remorse, find a retailer who has a return policy that meets your needs and gives you piece of mind.
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