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People are usually much more vocal about bad experiences with a brand, whatever that may be. This is more so when it is expensive, even though statistically speaking, failure rates are lower than peers. I tend to discount poor reviews a fair bit, although damage can indeed happens with any brand. Rimowas are tough, but anyone buying check in bags should not expect it to look pristine with use.

I personally would prefer bags that are tough with strong hinges and wheels . Nothing is more annoying that having luggage arrive with handles or wheels damaged or having hinges blown out with many Samsonite Curv luggages. Rimowa hasn't disappoint in this regards. When u have to lug a faulty bag over long periods on foot, scratches or dents are the last thing on your mind. Dents in the Aluminum luggage happens and sometimes this can be remedied at the Rimowa store. I prefer a beat up luggage as they do not attract to much attention.

They are not perfect though, they can be heavy (along with a slew of disadvantages inherent with clamstyle hardcases) and in Asia, it seems everyone is carrying one. A few occasions on the carousel, I have seen people approach another traveller about taking a case (by mistake), usually the silver ones. Also they tend attract thieves who know they are expensive especially at certain airports.

If you do indeed get Rimowa, I'd go only for their Aluminum ones just like I'd only take B&R in their baseline softcase. Rimowa's polycarbonate ones are good but not as iconic and many other brands offer similarly good quality Polycarbonate bags.
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