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Originally Posted by danhouston View Post
asot, so ur WM still take CCs for VGCs?
any other folks r still able to buy GD at WM? if so, i may need to venture to different stores & test out...
My usual walmart sc did not allow gdot vgc by cc as of 7/26. Previously no issues. I went to try a vanilla vgc yesterday but they were all out. I may try a vanilla mcgc today though just to complete the dp on that particular store. I liquidated my first vanilla mcgc yesterday so I'm more comfortable buying them now.

I was outside my normal area last Friday and happened on a walmart (non-sc, non-nm. Just plain "walmart) so I tried to buy a vanilla vgc there with cc and was successful. Unfortunately I've never been to that store before so I'm not sure if you are able to buy gdot vgc there.

I don't personaly have a complete dp (both vanilla and gdot) at any store yet, though I've seen reports that the no cc ban extends to all gift cards once the store receives the update.
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