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If the plane was already very late arriving, and the further hour pushed it over the limit, then these would not be extraordinary circumstances and the OP would be entitled to EC261 delay compensation. It certainly doesn’t sound like that’s the case here.

I’ve not had a delay of that length, but up to something approaching half that when no airbridge operating crew appeared on arrival at the gate - which was on top of an already substantial delay out of BUD thanks to slack ground handling ops in removing a bag from the hold which took far longer than it should have. I was, in the end, about 90 minutes late by the time I left the plane.

It actually caused me (well, ultimately my company as luckily I happened to be travelling on business) real, cold hard cash because the delay meant I missed the last train connection to home and had to take a taxi for the last 30 miles from the then nearest station.

I didn’t bother to complain - whilst annoying, I thought it frivolous at best. The OP has had a relatively short overall delay, exacerbated by an apparently fairly shoddy BA response. I really can’t see anything there that would personally cause me to start making demands about escalation or further action, so it goes to show we’re all wired a little bit differently in spite of our common interest of travel!

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