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BAA operate Heathrow so certainly not BAs fault and they have nothing to apologise for or pay you compensation. However a man of your import having to disembark an hour late and then only after the second and third class passengers is clearly a vile breach of your most basic human rights and you need to take your case to the European Cuort of Human Rights whilst you still can. Perhaps the forum could award you a DYKWIA award to provide you with some comfort.
Well accidents happen but it always helps if posters have a basic idea what they are talking about.

Some schoolboy howlers here.....BAA hasn't existed for a decade, and BA do their own ground handling at Heathrow.

In this case it is unfortunate that disembarking from the back meant the OP left last but by the sounds of it the OP is irritated by the 'pass the buck' approach of BA, well known to people in these parts. As such a decent 'vent' in the circumstances.
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