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The responses to this family's crisis show a lack of empathy and an understanding of how disruptive Air Canada's baggage services are.
I too have suffered the AC baggage ineptness. Short or longhaul flights, it doesn't matter, because AC is a chronic bungler and is not held accountable due to the lack of passenger protections as there are in the USA and EU.

Passing through YUL, I observed the following AC disarray on a day of good weather. And this was after the AC personnel moved one row of bags away. Unfortunately, this is often my experience with AC baggage. People were lined up 10+ deep at the counter trying to get some help. It is so frustrating trying to get one's bag, because the information that is provided by the tracking website is often unreliable. It's worse when one is making a connection, because AC says it only has to deliver to the ticket destination.

AC Baggage

Originally Posted by nave888 View Post
If something is so critical/so valuable, why wouldn't you carry it on? Its one suit....
I always carry on only, but if I'm gone for a long time or need a checked bag, I make sure to only check things that I can easily replace, and keep the most valuable/favourite things in my carry on.
Seriously? Do you not see the state of some flights where there is no room onboard for even a carry on and the bags are "gate checked? Well, when Ma and Pa kettle are traveling with larger than usual carry ons, they are the first to get singled out at checkin. At other times they are carrying a lot of stuff like gifts and other valuables that they prefer to carry on, so there is no room for the suit.

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Yet another reminder to me that I'm doing the right thing by cramming up to 8 days worth of stuff in my carry on, despite the fact that I can check bags for free.
And what of people who cannot carry around the bag? It's great that you are physically fit to do so, but on any given flight a large number of the passengers may be unable to carry a heavy carry on. I did exactly as you have done on my last TPAC. However, I knew that coming back to YYZ, the hike from the E Gates to Immigration is long. I was not in any condition to carry that bag all that way. And why should I? I paid $5K+ for a ticket and the airline should certainly be able to take care of one small checked in bag.
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